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Helping entrepreneurs & business owners to make digital products and services better through the power of branding, information design, and a better use of technology & resources available.

In business and involved since 2007, I touched everything and worked with more than 200 clients of different sizes in several fields of activity. I am a marketing communication professional with a master’s degree in interaction design.

My passion is to improve digital products and services in all their forms. Self-taught passionate and dedicated, I am constantly on the lookout for new platforms, technologies and applications that surface, to offer more opportunities to my customers.

I would love to collaborate on your business success and make your life easier!

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Interior design


DCS | Arts & Literature

This collegial program is designed to provide a strong culture, written and oral communication skills as well as a creative process to evolve in different disciplines.

bachelor | CommunicatION & MARKETING

Unique practical path that combines all management strategies to create effective and impactful communications.

master | multimedia design

Shape designers who specialize in the interface and interaction between humans and systems, with particular concerns for design thinking, design processes, information architecture, graphic design and ergonomics.

graphic designer & information architect

At We+Are Interactive (a web agency), my role requested me to understand client needs and goals, evaluate projects and analyze technical needs in collaboration with the development and management team.

As an information architect, I was the one defining the information architecture and navigational system of the apps or projects to which I collaborated..

As a graphic designer or user interface designer, I had to design and develop creative and powerful concepts, and provide artistic direction and design for web, mobile &  other interactive projects.

user experience analyst / producer

At AIMIA (Aeroplan) my role first as a user Experience Designer, and then Producer, brought me to idealize & deliver user interaction designs, from concept to launch, and for a variety of platforms including smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.

With all website projects, the process starts by identify user requirements by researching and analyzing user needs, preferences, objectives, and working methods.

Beyond the actual deliverable, it’s also necessary to produce designs to help the business team and all stakeholders understand the desired customer user experience: crafting interactive experiences; producing workflow diagrams, user scenarios, flowcharts, and storyboards; preparing interaction specifications, graphical mock-ups, navigation rules, organization of information, and sitemaps.

product owner

At AIMIA (Aeroplan) I was trained to act as a Product Owner in an agile methodology (scrum framework). This experience gave me the perspective needed to focus on value & prioritize accordingly. 

  • Communicate the product vision to the development team
  • Validate the request or incident with internal stakeholders
  • Gather requirements& translate into user stories and complete stories to meet the definition of ready (DoR)
  • Determine and outline the acceptance criteria, and definition of done (DoD)
  • Prioritize and maintain the backlog
  • Ensure full visibility and understanding of all the stories and bugs
  • Define priorities& facilitate triage process
  • Work with product and dev teamLeads to define the scope for each sprint
  • Ensure the understanding of the vision is achieved and all the user stories are clear
  • Provide acceptance of the delivery throughout the development cycle
  • Report and monitor key performance indicators of the product
  • Inspire and motivate the team& create a sense of purpose and achievement
  • Work with key stakeholders to ensure successful consistent product release;
business owner & consultant

Running my own business and working directly with my clients, just like yourself!


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