Starting June 05, I will be in VACATION. Like real vacation…  Not sure if I will succeed this time but I feel this is a needed time for me to disconnect, while thinking at how my next year will turn out. As you may or may not know, I am pregnant with my second child. While this has been a wonderfully happy event, it also immersed me in an almost melancholic reflexion period.

Busy busy bee

You see, I have been living my professional life to the fullest, leading a full time career as a User Experience lead in a big company, with a wonderful team that made me happy to go to work everyday. By nights & week-ends, I have been focusing on my personal business, where I dedicate myself to helping my clients polish their brand and establish it in a way that will propel them further in their journey. I have been doing this for 10 years now, and it has never been a problem, given that slightly workaholic personality of mine. In fact, I’m doing it because it brings me great joy, and fulfills this ambitious need of carrying different projets / different kind of projects upfront. I’ve always said that it seeks 2 different part of my brain, and that is why it works so well.

First trimester wisdom

All of that being said, this little formula was working well until came the pregnancy and it’s horrendous first trimester when I simply turned into a non-functional MESS. And by mess, I mean : nauseous, tired, irritable, sensitive. During 3 months, surviving days and nights was not easy. On top of that, my life partner – my ESSENTIAL significant other that plays a major role in this “balanced” family life we aim to have – has entered is busiest period of the year. Suddenly, I realized that my way of living works well only in  this “near-perfect” setup where I feel great, and where I can rely on somebody to support me through daily life. And with soon 2 kids, this little freedom that I had left to develop my personal business (after bedtime and during other activities) will be reduced even more.

Can I have it all ?

So here I am, faced with this reality and a big question mark. How can I keep achieving my professional goals and feel fulfilled – so basically keep developing my business – but in a more realistic way that will match our growing family. I have always had the feeling to be in a constant “quest” for something. The perfect formula… the way to be more productive. Achieve what I want without compromising anything – whether it is my love of corporate life or this financial security that comes with it. Not sure if I have an answer for this yet. But what I’m beginning to believe is that I’m looking at it from the wrong angle.

Trying something new

I’ve been reading a lot lately;