Website Creation

Stimulate the development of your organization with the creation of a stunning website that reflects your image.

Are you looking by all means to reach your targets OR to seduce buyers that have been in your sights for too long? Want to make life easier for your existing customers so they come back to you again and again? An effective website can make the difference.

A streamlined website for Les Stéphanies

Ora Protections’ complete website

Several graphics projects for CRB

Our Last Tribute to La Réserve, ecofriendly grocery store

Complete Aventure Éco-Parc Mauricie website

Many graphic projects for Tarquti Energy

Event’s Graphic material, web & visual identity for Sillitik 2023

Online course/training platform for Aurélie GM

Beautiful marketing tools for Spherik Bikes

Visual identity and landing page for Rio Tinto’s family days

Website for Utopi

Rebranding for Chrysalide Design – Interior designer

Branding & micro-site for Rio Tinto and the Aluminium Summit

Branding & Website for Kautaq

Complete branding for PMSB – Consulting strategy

High performance Sales Page for Isa Paquette and her Prisme program

Infolettre sur mesure et outil de vente imprimé – Maison Berger

Complete branding for Marie-Hélène Caron – Strategic Advisor

Complete website for the CLV development branch

Complete branding for Aurélie GM – Professional Coaching

A dynamic one-pager website for Trio Consultation

Complete branding for Go Distribution, industrial division

Website and interactive form for BMR Avantis

Interactive form for Emilie Cerretti

Complete branding identity for Apatakaa Translations

Complete website for the Elevey brand

Complete branding and website for a great adventure in Mauricie

Complete website and marketing materials for GO Distribution and Avanat fabrics

Sustainability Report Web Version for InterRent REIT

High performing Sales Page for Isa Paquette and her Prisme program

A Stunning New Website for Spherik Bikes

Catherine & Alix wedding website

Trilingual branding and marketing tools for Les Énergies Tarquti

Landing page of Café La Réserve and launch on social networks

Engaging and colourful website for Isa Paquette

APDEQ website

New vibrant brand positioning and branding for Isa Paquette, coach & copywriter

Color and dynamism for Cynthia Girard Psychoeducator

New elegant website and social media kit for Espaces V

La déclinaison de la marque La Réserve Zéro Déchet

Fun and dynamic branding for UTOPI

Le branding sur mesure du 95e anniversaire de site de l’Usine Arvida – Rio Tinto

Le logo et l’image de marque à saveur exotique de GO Distribution

Branding complet et site web adapté pour une designer d’intérieur passionnée

Le raffraîchissement complet de l’image de marque et la refonte du site web de Labora Natura

Branding, website and minimalist templates for Beline Design, interior designer

Site web boutique Le bouton rose

Animora’s rebranded marketing material and refreshed website

Le combo tout-en-un réalisé pour Concept Dezign : conception de site web et élaboration d’image de marque

Site web Orchidia

Fody’s Mission page

Site web one-page

Site web Agence les indispensables

Wireframes & flow de navigation Thibert

Site web Emilie Cerretti

Site web Quebec Canada XR

Site web RMFL

Site web Cynthia Girard

Site web Adore Intimates (by Allure)

Site web Estimation RD

The magic touch

Websites signed Alexem Studio stand out, not only by their distinctive and slick look, but also by their intuitive navigation.

We have the skills to design a website that meets your needs!