Black Friday 2023

20% ADDITIONAL discount on 2024 time banks of 40 hours or more and on our packages.

Savings of up to 40% on regular rates!

3,400.00 $ +tx

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4,950.00 $ +tx

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6,400.00 $ +tx

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7,800.00 $ +tx

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9,000.00 $ +tx

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Not to be missed...

Our brand-new branding packages!
They’re also discounted this week, so take advantage!

1,000.00 $ +tx

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1,500.00 $ +tx

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3,000.00 $ +tx

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5,000.00 $ +tx

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7,500.00 $ +tx

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Terms and conditions

✅ Available online only (purchase via our website)
✅ Available for new AND existing customers
✅ Can be combined with an hours plan or a current project (e.g. extra hours reserve)
✅ Can be used on ALL types of services

❌ Cannot REPLACE a current time plan
❌ Not applicable to hours already worked
❌ Not applicable on a fixed-price quote
❌ Can be used from January 2024

Hours banks are valid for all hourly / on-demand work, and are not “applicable” to fixed bids. We can offer the same services as proposed in a quote, but through a bank of hours, but it is possible that the work requires more or less time depending on requests and modifications. What’s more, requests and requirements processed in the context of an hours bank are not subject to prior estimates. On request, we can give you a rough idea of the time required, or try to keep to a certain number of hours at your request, but this remains dependent on your initial requirements and modifications.