We are a team of web and branding designers committed to your success!

Since 2008, Alexem Studio (formerly Alexem Design) has been involved in the success of many organizations of all sizes and across all fields. From solo entrepreneurs to big corporations, we adjust and adapt to meet your needs! Our team is growing and we are also surrounded by collaborators with varied expertise who work with us to create inspiring brand images and intelligent websites.

Alexe, owner, art director and web developer

Behind Alexem Studio, there’s Alexandra Emond aka Alexe: the extra-efficient (and workaholic) entrepreneur, graphic designer and website builder who can help you with all your projects.

With a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications and a master’s in UX design, Alexe is passionate about everything to do with technology and design. She advances nimbly in her journey as an entrepreneur and a communication professional thanks to these two centers of interest which balance her personality perfectly! As comfortable with code as she is with every nuance of design, she thrives on challenges and will always make sure to offer you the most value for your money! Nothing is impossible.

A proud Saguenéenne, she’s sure to put you at ease and make you laugh with her verbiage and local expressions!

Megane, graphic designer and junior web designer

Alexe’s right-hand woman for over 3 years, Mégane Laforest is a young creative designer and an outstanding communicator.

With a degree in graphic design from the Cégep de Sherbrooke, Mégane is passionate about expressing her multi-faceted creativity. As proof, she fell into the web like a fish into water and takes on every challenge with brio!

Krystelle, graphic designer and communication officer

Krystelle is a machine of efficiency and versatility. Krystelle holds a master’s degree (bachelor’s degree) in business management, communication option obtained in France and a DEP in computer graphics. She is also a talented photographer and baker!

In addition to her mastery of her projects, she is currently training in UX design with our team, adding another string to her already impressive bow.

Mylène, graphic designer, illustrator and junior web designer

Mylène joined Alexem Studio in November 2022 during a very busy period, and quickly proved herself as a valuable team player with a sharp graphic eye.

With a degree in Arts and Letters and Graphic Design, Mylène is also a talented illustrator and an incredible logo MACHINE. Her infinite conceptual ideas and grandiose skills will leave you speechless (and with a great branding!).

Louise, Designer & content creator

Originally from Paris, Louise joined our team in January 2023, as part of a PVT. An avid traveler and world inhabitant, she exemplifies the multidisciplinary talent that is the strength of our team.

Coming from a fashion background where she worked in textile design and product development, her attraction to the graphic arts led her naturally to training in motion design and to her current role as graphic designer and content creator at Alexem Studio. Initially hired to manage our social media, we quickly realized that she was too great not to work on clients accounts.