What if you could already know how your website design or branding project would go?

Hint : it will go well!! Our web and graphic design services are deployed through an approach that allows us to be transparent, realistic and professional from start to finish. Here is a general overview of how a project goes from contact to delivery.

Here is a general overview of how a project goes from contact to delivery.


Discovery call

After having read our rates and packages, you fill out our enquiry form. We will then meet virtually to get to know each other! What characterizes your company today? Where do you see it in the next few years? What are your expectations for this first project? Do you already have a budget in mind? This is an opportunity for you to ask us questions, and for us to advise you of the possibilities matching your budget.



With your needs in mind, we will prepare a quote to help you achieve your objectives. The details level will vary depending on the information available at the beginning and the project’s complexity. Most of our service offers are all-inclusive prices, but we can also suggest a bank of hours (more flexible). It is possible that we offer you one of our predefined packages if one of them fits well with your project. You can also ask for it! You can also ask for it!


Project kick-off

Upon acceptance of the submission, after a proper celebration, it will be up to you! You will need to provide us with the information that will allow us to start the work. We will provide you with documents to help you do this and will guide you along the way.

For most branding and web projects, you will also need to make an initial payment to confirm the project and the time slot assigned to it.



We begin to manipulate the accumulated information to give artistic and strategic direction to the project. At this time, it is possible that we have little or no contact. No news = good news! While this may seem like a long time (I know, you’re impatient!), it is critical. It includes the research and exploration necessary to make you the best proposal.


Initial proposal

Faced with an external view of your company, it may be “challenging”. From this point on, you should think about and will have to provide us with as much feedback as possible. This is what will allow us to better orient ourselves to evolve the proposal, and sometimes, to bring forth new ideas that will take your organization elsewhere. After that, everything becomes clear and it works!



At the development stage, you are more closely involved in the process. The deliverables are clear and we each have a to-do list. For you, it can be to send photos, texts, detailed sheets of your products, etc. For us, it is to keep you informed of the progress of the project. Good communication and clear task allocation avoids many time-consuming and costly backtracking.



This is the satisfying and official moment when you receive the final elements or witness the launch in the case of a website. You finally get what you trusted us for, and this, in respect of your vision of the project since you were an integral part of the process. And also, because with us, satisfaction is guaranteed!


Happily Ever After

We offer with all our major projects a 30-day follow-up/satisfaction and coaching hours to facilitate the appropriation. If you would like additional support, we also offer hours banks and monthly plans. But truth be told, we always prefer to stay in your life and continue to support you for your design and web needs!