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In the digital age, we understand the importance of providing engaging and personalized learning experiences for your customers. At Alexem Studio we use Learndash, a powerful tool that is transforming the way we conceptualize and deliver online courses. Whether you’re an independent educator, a business or a non-profit organization, this solution will revolutionize your approach to online teaching. Ready to offer a WOW learning experience?

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a learning management system (LMS) plugin designed for use with WordPress(which we also use to set up your websites!).
LearnDash lets users create and manage online courses directly from their WordPress site.

LearnDash’s main features include the ability to create lessons, quizzes, exams, discussion forums, certificates and much more. It offers a variety of tools to personalize the online learning experience, including student progress tracking options, gamification features, and integration with payment gateways to monetize courses.

The benefits of an online training platform

Integrating an e-learning platform into your site marks a significant evolution in your pedagogical approach. This immersive, centralized solution simplifies access and content management, paving the way for a host of benefits:

  1. Direct connection to your eCommerce platform: product sales can automatically grant access to the appropriate groups and training courses. Less manual management of access and content means greater operational efficiency.
  2. Professional, structured communication: an online training platform offers a dynamic alternative to PDFs, e-mails or Google Drive folders. What’s more, it allows your users to consume content while tracking their progress.
  3. Automation for a seamless experience: As your users progress, automation automatically unlocks further content, generates progress emails, and even produces diplomas. This automation reduces the administrative burden, delivering a smoother user experience.
  4. Optimized follow-up: Advanced tools ensure precise tracking of individual learner progress, optimizing content effectiveness. This guarantees constant adaptation to meet your customers’ specific needs, while improving your understanding of your target audience.
  5. Building a community: LMSs are collaborative learning environments that encourage exchanges between learners and trainers via a comments section in the various modules.

Our online training service

Setting up online training courses is an integral part of our web design services. We understand that for you, this is much more than just an additional feature; it’s a strategic opportunity to maximize your online presence. As well as guaranteeing you a visually appealing, easy-to-scan training page that simplifies the decision-making process, here’s how we go about setting up such a training course with us:

Step 1: Install LearnDash in WordPress:

We integrate Learndash into your site, providing a solid foundation for your training programs. Basic configuration, including adaptation of the various wordings to your business model and their EN/FR translations, if required, is also included.

Step 2: Setting up the various components:

In this crucial customization phase, we set up everything on your site using WordPress: we create templates on Elementor and then take care of the complete configuration of the connection flow, including the practical aspects (such as password recovery and welcome and access e-mails). We then seamlessly integrate these elements with WooCommerce and your sales infrastructure, creating training-specific products.

Step 3: Setting up the finalcontent:

We suggest you write a short text to reassure the customer, including both a summary of the course content and a short introduction that sets the tone of your course and allows you to promote your company(example with a participant workbook). Whether your training course is in video or written format, or both, we recommend that you also offer a downloadable PDF version. LearnDash lets you create these learner manuals(quizzes, exams, etc.) directly in the browser, but you can also provide your own notebook template.
With the creation of content also comes the creation of automated e-mail sequences(series of e-mails sent automatically according to predefined criteria) that will enable your participants to be attracted to your training and then subsequently redirected to other training courses that might be suitable for them(pre/post freebie and pre/post sale).

Step 4: Promotion of the training course:

We strongly recommend that you consider a dedicated sales page to promote your training courses, optimized to attract attention and convert visitors into registrations. To stimulate promotion, we also suggest using a mailing list with a freebie to arouse initial interest.(Editor’s note: a freebie is a way of attracting a customer for free, for example with a free training course).
The freebie allows you to test your participants’ commitment and fine-tune your strategy. Setting up a freebie also gives you time to fine-tune your paid training courses. By communicating on the freebie and then on your complete training courses, you separate your two promotional campaigns, enabling you to see what has worked and what needs to be changed.
We design visuals for your advertisements, whether video or image, which can be reused in dark posts. Finally, we manage the entire advertising process, from targeting (audiences, platforms, formats, etc.) to campaign performance evaluation.

Set-up costs:

Associated costs include a monthly fee, added to your hosting plan, and an annual license. These may vary from year to year, so please refer to your quotation.

Essential information:

  • Your training web page, whether promoting a program (sales page) or offering a freebie (opt-in page), is of crucial importance in your advertising campaigns. Make sure your page is visually distinct from the rest of the site, facilitating specific SEO optimization.
  • The training offer on your website must offer a fluid user experience, not to mention on mobile devices. So we need to cover all the “touch points”, from the first time your user is exposed to your training, to the finalization of the training and what you want to offer to keep them engaged. We can support you in all these areas!
  • Explicitly highlight the benefits of the program, reassuring your visitors with concrete examples. In your sales page or promotional communications, don’t hesitate to include behind-the-scenes screenshots and inclusion lists of your training courses for greater clarity.
  • Use direct language to create a personal connection, build credibility with testimonials, and encourage immediate action with clear calls to action.

Our LearnDash creations for customers

The most complete:

Training with multiple sections, quizzes and extensive customization

The latest:

Aurélie GM
A simple, yet impactful training program with good optimization

The most efficient:

One page containing a single course with 4 modules

The most personalized:

Cynthia Girard
We installed the structure and the customer integrated the content herself.

We recommend you take a look at learndash’s demos and customer showcases to see the breadth of what’s possible on their platform.

Choose Alexem Studio for your online training

Get a head start with Alexem Studio. Our customized solutions, combining cutting-edge technology and design expertise, give you simple, easy access to the world of e-learning! Make an appointment now on our website and on our dedicated page!

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