A streamlined website for Les Stéphanies

We’re proud to present the project we carried out for Les Stéphanies, an interior design company looking for an online presence to match its expertise. When they contacted us, the project was already underway, with the logo and website partially designed by another firm. Our challenge was to take up the torch and bring their vision to life with precision and elegance.

We put all our expertise into creating the website, building on existing design elements to create a consistent and refined online experience. The sober colors – black, white and gray – perfectly reflect Stéphanies’ minimalist, sophisticated aesthetic. Every detail has been carefully thought out and executed to deliver an optimal user experience, reflecting the quality of their interior design services.

Although we weren’t involved in creating the initial branding, we were able to seamlessly integrate the existing elements into the website design, creating a powerful and distinctive visual synergy. The end result is a sleek, polished website, crafted to the millimeter, that showcases the talent and professionalism of Les Stéphanies.

We’re grateful to Les Stéphanies for trusting us to bring their online vision to life, and we’re delighted with the result.