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Graphic design

Even before reading your message, people make up their minds by what they see.

Your brand image is a powerful ally in the success of your business. Who do you want to be? How do you want to be perceived? What do you want to communicate? This is what we can define together. Afterwards, I take care of applying it to all of your tools to look like the caliber company that you really are.

Website design

An effective website can make the difference for you & for your current or potential customers.

I design websites that stand out, not only by their distinctive and slick look, but also by the intuitiveness with which it is possible to navigate them. I keep an eye on your statistics and guide you for your content. Did you know that it’s not about having a website to be discovered on Google? We have work!

Collateral elements

Do not leave anything to chance.

  • Brand image

    Logo design
    Development of a complete visual identity
    Creation of graphic charter / graphic standards guide
    Creation of a graphic kit for the brand

  • website

    Research & analysis of comparables
    Website mockups
    Interaction design
    User experience design (UX)
    Optimization of content for organic referencing (SEO)
    Information architecture (content plane)
    UI Graphics Kit
    landing page

  • Marketing tools

    brochure design
    Leaflet design
    Poster design
    invitation design
    Design of product catalogs
    Vehicle wrapping
    Design of clothing & promotional items
    Kiosk dressing
    Design of advertisements for newspapers & magazines
    Outdoor display design
    Design of web advertisements
    Banner Design

  • Packaging / packaging

    Label design
    Packaging box design
    Packaging bag design
    Container design
    Research & management of printing solutions

  • Social media

    Facebook page creation & design
    Instagram profile creation & design
    Facebook and Instagram post design
    Graphic kit / Reusable templates

  • Specific needs

    Configuring payment gateways
    Configuring payment gateways
    Complex purchasing forms
    Online Store
    Design of transactional sites
    Design of e-commerce sites
    Online billing
    Online quote requests
    Emails with domain name
    Meet online
    Online reservations
    Online surveys
    And more!

For the web, I prefer and work with WordPress & Woocommerce for different reasons. The first being my extensive experience with these platforms, which therefore offers you the best of my skills without limitations. The second is the great flexibility that these platforms offer you in the long run. They are opensource, and used by billions of developers worldwide. You will therefore never be taken individually, in the event that our business relationship ends (which is obviously not the expected outcome of our collaboration! But sometimes life happens …). The last reason, and not the least, is the large number of paid tools and extensions that I subscribe to, and which I can make you benefit from, included in my services. It’s great, right?

For graphic design, branding, I work with the Adobe suite – specifically Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop. With the abundance of DIY design solutions on the market, I understand and support my clients who want to use tools like Canva or Adobe Sparks. That said, for reasons similar to those mentioned above: I favor my professional design software to offer you the best of my skills and my efficiency. I could, on request, adapt a document in other tools. But the time required to do so, and the danger of straying from your brand image afterwards, are things to consider.

For the rest, i.e. project management, communications and invoicing:

  • ClickUp for project management and related tasks.
  • Google Drive and GSuite, i.e. Google Docs, Sheets or Slides shared documents.
  • Google Meets for meetings, by reservation in my calendar.
  • Quickbooks for invoicing, or purchases through this website.

I will send you the requirements depending on the nature of the project we are undertaking together. But it goes without saying that part of the job consists of conveying to me, as accurately as possible, the vision you have for your company, your objectives, your clientele, etc. From a strictly design point of view, I need to know your expectations and know where you stand in terms of taste and style.

You will probably need to provide me with:

  • Your business plan, business statement or documentation relevant to my understanding of your business
  • A list of your competitors/comparables
  • Examples of what you like, and why
  • Examples of what you don’t like, and why
  • For a site: CONTENT! If you don’t have anything on hand for this part, I can help you . But we have to plan it in the timeline.
  • For an individual graphic creation or a set: Your logo, and material communicating your brand universe to me, otherwise you agree to leave me the full creative direction – and I’m not complaining about it 😉

The answer is surely YES . But you need to know what it involves, which is additional time and costs.

For example, the situation I most often encounter is the lack of content when creating a website. If you have nothing to provide me, that necessarily means that I or my collaborators will have to produce the said content. To produce the texts, I should ideally base myself on a preliminary strategy that will ensure that they have the expected organic reach (aka: that they allow you to be found by your potential customers). To create this strategy, I need to know your business, its competitors and put the time to see how your business can penetrate this market. It’s really a whole world… So I would offer you complementary services such as content strategy and copywriting.

If you do not wish to incur additional costs for these services, that is your decision. Yes, I can make you a site with basic filler content and no strategy. But you will have to choose and assume that you will get the result as a result, i.e. a discoverability that will be diminished.

Deadlines vary from project to project. Individual graphic designs are usually completed within 5 working days. That said, for large-scale projects, it is obviously longer.

Define your deadlines: when do you need your logo, your site? What is your expected launch date? From there, and assuming you have an established direction for your business, go back at least 30 days for the creation of a visual identity and 60 days for the delivery of a complete transactional website. Be sure to inquire with me so that I can reserve the necessary time slot for you. The purpose of the deposit is to secure my availability, and therefore your schedule.

You can see my current fees here . Over the years and experience, I have acquired a better ability to estimate. It’s certainly not an exact science, and while one or the other can argue about overpriced, or seemingly too many hours estimated or spent on a project, one thing remains: I haven’t never shipped a project in my life, and I’m not about to start.

The time I put into a graphic design demonstrates my attention to detail, the latest trends, and the strategy to incorporate into it. In my designs and my sites, I apply my 10 years of experience and my various fields of expertise to your service. That’s why my hourly rate is what it is. I would add that I never take anything lightly and I have the success of your business at heart: this is why what I send you must be up to scratch.

Finally, I recently subscribed to the CalKulator , an international guide to design pricing aimed at establishing a professional relationship on a fair, sustainable basis, respectful of ethics and the economic stakes of each.

For individual designs with shorter deadlines and for which the total is less than $1000+tx, the total of the invoice is adjustable upon delivery of the finished product, when you receive the invoice. I offer a 30-day grace period before chasing you, but I sure hope I don’t have to 😉

For large projects ( branding and web design packages), payment terms are different. I kindly ask you to pay a 25% deposit to reserve my availability in advance. At the start of the project, I generally require the other 25%. Finally, the balance is payable in full upon delivery of the brand image or the site. However, upon request, I will be happy to split payments into 1-6 installments from the date of booking.

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