Breathing new life into your visual identity: Tips for a successful rebranding

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A company’s visual identity is one of its most valuable assets. It represents the face of your brand, the first impression your customers have of you. It’s an essential element in making your brand memorable.

Over time, however, it’s inevitable that your visual identity will become outdated or out of step with your company’s evolution. It’s at times like these that rebranding becomes imperative to breathe new life into your brand and maintain its relevance in the marketplace.

Alexem Studio’s soft rebranding

You may have noticed, but Alexem Studio has undergone a minor rebranding to revitalize its brand image. Our vivid color palette is gradually giving way to softer, more pastel tones, and our iconography is moving away from corporate illustrations to more contemporary textures! But also, and most importantly, we’ve updated the logo with a more modern, bold version! The handwritten style remains, but more polished and less caligraphic.

Rebranding doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change of image (like Mailchimp, Freepik or Deezer). It may simply be an update of what’s already working for you. Are you ready? Embark with our studio for a successful rebranding!

Our top tips for a successful rebranding

  1. Critically evaluate your current look: take a good look at your logo, colors, fonts and images. Compare them with your competitors or comparables in your field of activity. Ask yourself: What could be better? Does the package serve you well, or not at all? Why not ask your customers and team for their opinion? A little perspective can help.
  2. Think about your fans, your prospects, your clientele: Your rebranding needs to be based not just on what you like, but also on what your audience (the people to whom your products/services/content are addressed) likes. Keep in mind that your new identity must always stick to the essence of your brand in this sense.
  3. Team up with the pros: Your brand’s image needs to be taken seriously. At Alexem Studio, we’re here to guide you. We’ll help you create a memorable identity that reflects who you are, while staying true to your brand strategy. We’ll help you put down on paper what you have in mind, and/or we’ll help you get out of your comfort zone, for the betterment of your business.
  4. Talk about your new style: Once you’ve done the exercise, plan to announce it! Update your website, social networks, communication tools, etc. Tell everyone you’re changing your look and why.
  5. Listen and adjust: See how people react to your new image, how it impacts your sales, and what your customers think of it. If need be, don’t hesitate to fine-tune your strategy and pivot if necessary.

Examples of rebranding on your shelves

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty!

Successful rebranding doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with notoriety. We’re going to introduce you to some of the biggest brands available in your grocery store, and in front of which you pass almost every day, sometimes without even realizing that they’ve changed their image… But it’s often a success! And sometimes… A bit of a dud. So, for you it’s a top 🔝 or a flop ❌? Click on your favorite logo in the poll below:

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