Festive and colorful event supports for Rio Tinto’s Soirées des Fêtes

For this mandate, Rio Tinto entrusted us with the creation of a totally unique universe for their end-of-year parties. Inspired by the colorful world of Cirque du Soleil, the enchanted world of Avatar and the enchantment of a “whimsical christmas”, we created a harmonious visual experience that blends festivity and elegance.

We were able to offer a one-pager website enabling employees to register for the evening of their choice, with a strong visual identity that immerses every visitor in the theme of the evenings. For events, we supported the Rio Tinto team in the creation of a variety of media, including video totems, posters, greetings cards and table tents. Everything was magical from A to Z!

An animated video rounded off the evening, first broadcast for promotional purposes and then as a decorative backdrop for events.